Exclusive Hip Hop Dance Documentary on Campus

Tonight Brunel University will host an exclusive screening of ‘Everything Remains Raw: Hip Hop Dance in Context’, the first ever public presentation of the documentary.

The film, directed by Moncell ‘Ill Kozby’ Durden, has been in the making for seven years and focuses on the evolution and cultural heritage of street and social dance. The show, starting at 7.30pm, is free to enter in Brunel’s Indoor Athletics Centre as part of the weekend-long ‘Pioneers: History of Dance’ event. After the screening, Mr Durden himself will be hosting a live talk. Spaces are limited, however, so organisers are urging spectators to register in advance.


The ‘PHD’ event has a range of activities taking place from today through to Sunday 3rd. MCs, DJs, dance crews, charities, clothing brands and more are set to offer students weekend-long entertainment, with names including American dance quartet Elite Force Crew, Kane FM, Dance Aid and Chief Rocka along with Mr Durden and others.

Besides Everything Remains Raw, Elite Force Crew will be the biggest attraction at PHD, this being the first time all four members will appear in the UK together. Bobby Mileage, part of the New York crew, said: “We are the first crew to travel the world dancing. We’re trying to big up street dance culture. Street dance always gets the most views, now it’s time to get the most money. We’re changing the game.” Elite Force Crew also claim to be the first dance crew to get their own sneakers made from Nike.

A full listing of times and events can be found at the PHD website, and the campus nightclub Academy is also hosting a PHD event on the night of Saturday 2nd for £10 advanced entry.


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