Brunel Music Student’s Performance – Open Ears (Cont)

So last time out I told you about the first half of my experience at Open Ears, a performance by first-year Brunel music students. I had a great time, but still didn’t quite know just how awesome my night was going to be…

The highlight of my enlightening night came in the room seven. The lucky number indeed. A group calling themselves Band of Dreams most definitely lived up to their name, producing a chilled and flowing sound, so soothing I couldn’t help but close my eyes to appreciate the music more clearly.

I was transported to a hazy dreamscape, where the trivial exited my mind and all I could seem to think about was the music itself and an array of the people I love. It was humblingly understated beauty.

At this point I was very glad I had came, and more importantly stayed. I originally showed up just to support a friend in her group (the jazz band I spoke about earlier), but the quality of performances convinced me to stick about. What a good decision that was.

Yet once again the mood would change and I felt an all new type of awe. The penultimate performance was Adam. Adam simply sat in a room, with an electric guitar and an amp. He let his playing do the talking, and shit did it speak a thousand words.

I’m no guitar aficionado, but I’ve never seen someone so expertly manipulate 6 strings. It was a real technical masterclass. Adam is certainly not going to be hard for work in the future.

The show finished on a high, too, with the country-esque quartet known as The Attfields. Perhaps the most customary style of music performance that night, you could certainly see these for playing at festivals or on a prime time chat show on a Friday night.

They had great technical performances, good composition and excellent vocals. If they had a record in stores, I’d buy it. Pretty much the highest praise needed right? The perfect package to sum up an enjoyable evening of music and leave everyone happy.

So there I was, in the same group of rooms I sit in three or four times a week, yet in a place I’ve never seen before. I entered expecting some good music and mostly to support my friend in her performance; I left having weathered a tidal wave of different and unexpected emotions, but ultimately very happy I turned up.

Next time there’s a student music show, I’ll definitely be in attendance. But more importantly, next time I enter the Antonin Artaud building, I’ll do so looking at it in a different way than I ever have before.


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